Step 1 ・request your personal birthlist

In order to create your own gift list you must have an account on our website. Simply create one by clicking on the 'create' button below. If you already have an account, log in.

login or create account

Step 2 ・giftlist request

Create your own customized baby giftlist. Create a list by completing the form and wait until you've received an approval email from Charlie Ray. Once approved, you can start adding the products that you wish for!

request giftlist

Step 3・add products

Giftlist approved? Add products to your list for friends 'n family to buy! Go shopping and select all the products you want to add to your giftlist, by opening a product and click the button 'add to giftlist' instead of 'add to cart'.

add products to my list

Step 4・buy gifts for the newborn

  1. Click on buy gift from a list
  2. Enter the name of the baby or the pincode that you received
  3. Add the presents that you want to buy by clicking on add to cart
  4. At our check out you can leave a message for the parents

buy gifts

Benefits of a giftlist at Charlie Ray:

  • 100% stock guarantee after activation of the birthlist. All selected items are reserved for you and therefore 100% available when your baby is born.
  • When you close your list, you will receive a gift card worth 10% of the total purchased amount on your birthlist.
  • Free shipping - we will send them every two weeks
  • You can create and manage your own birthlist
  • If you have more questions about our birthlists. Let us know! You can always contact us at

contact us

Managing your list

Don't forget we approve your list after 72H. We will confirm you when your list is ready to use! If you want to check which products have been bought click the button below.

manage my list