About Charlie

I’m Charlotte and I’m a mom of two. They are my biggest inspiration and also my biggest motivation behind “Charlie Ray”. Since I became a mom for the first time, I’ve always searched for beautiful, sustainable pieces and musthaves for my baby. The passion I created of searching for beautiful, comfortable and sustainable pieces for my kids, only got worse. I always knew I wanted it to be a part of my life. The brands we sell are tested by myself and our kids. So I could give you a personal advice and help you with size advice. I’m a big provider of “you only live once” and I don’t want to have regret of anything so I took the jump and “Charlie Ray” was born. I wanted to create a webshop with all beautiful items that I really love myself and that I support for 100%. I’m proud of our story and would love to welcome you at “Charlie Ray” – A place that brings happiness into the lives of you and your family. With love,Charlie

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